In 2018 the unquenchable thirst for success and the circumspect vision of Mr. Rajkumar Gupta gave birth to brand named Wellcraft under the firm Wellhome Décor Studio Pvt.Ltd. formed in 2015 and its sister concern welcome trading company formed in 1995. Under the direction of Mr. Gupta, Wellcraft is expanding with boom in Gwalior city (M.P).

The company with its hair rising success rate has never looked back. Today Wellcraft is leading the revolution in creating best interiors thorugh complete UPVC and Aluminium Door and Window solution. The company has success of completing 60% projects under its belt. We have provided services to HG Group, Keshar Bagh and many more well known projects in Gwalior.

The Casement Windows & Doors

The Casement window and door feature sashes attached to the frame by hinges. Casement style windows are hinged on the side and can either swing inward or outward depending on the desired style. The sashes can also be configured to open on the top. The windows come with multiple point locking systems and friction stay that ensures the window remains open. I’m in a fixed position even in the face of stiff breeze. Casement doors are equipped with hook locks and 3D hinges which ensure smooth operation.


The Tilt & Turn Window

The Tilt and Turn Windows combine state of the art window design with a clean, classic style. This European style window has to distinct function, swing it like a door or tilt it at the top. The window also creates an outstanding architectural feature.


The Slider Windows & Doors

The slider features two or more horizontal sashes on rollers at the bottom for swift and smooth sideways movement on tracks. Easy to open and close, the Slider promotes air-circulation and presents a panoramic view. These windows blend perfectly with contemporary architecture.


The Designer Doors

The designer door is what you are looking for when it comes to all doors of your house, main door or other interior doors. The skin is uPVC, while the core has a generous filling of foam for insulation. The design can be customized to match the facade or the decor of a room. It creates an imposing presence at the front entrance or indoors and promises security, protection against rain seepage, sound, dust and thermal insulation, durability and weather endurance.


The Lift & Slide Doors

The door glides back and forth on feather touch rollers. The sealing too is far better than conventional sliders. The expansion glass pane (without any cross-members) provides a panoramic view of the horizon, integrating the indoors with the outdoors. It’s a real work of art.


The Slide & Fold Doors

Nothing looks or works better in rooms overlooking gardens and terraces. Fenesta Slide and Fold door can elegantly and effortlessly connect your inside space with the environment outside. With these doors nothing stands between you and your view. The panels of the doors can be configured with multiple panels for large opening and can fold smoothly to one side..

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